Two separate human beings live apart, in their solitude. A small pathway allows them to connect, get closer and face the inner desire of intimacy and affection.

  • The Scribble Festival

    The Scribble Festival is a moment of meeting and sharing with national and foreign operators in which Teatrodistinto presents six children’s theater productions.

  • Upside Down Love

    Four daughters, four different ways of speaking, a mother who announces her death through a blunt, almost mocking, leave.
    An announcement that marks the transition from a before …

  • The rematch

    Two men, polite and formal in their daily routine, take the field. Here, the desire to win and prevail emerges.
    Their need to measure up to the challenge push them to train hard…

  • The black sheep

    There is a black sheep. Is he angry? He seems lonely. He seems naughty. Maybe he is naughty because the others leave him out…

  • The crocodile chant

    Each one of us possesses his or her own Crocodile. He is born in deep places of our inner worlds. We can fear him, hide him, step on it…

  • Kish Kush

    How many languages exist? The one who talks differently, is he different? How strange is the stranger? What does he like? How does he think? …