Upside Down Love

four women, a mother, a farewell, a comeback

a play written and directed by Daniel Gol
with Silvia Bisio, Laura Gualtieri, Emiliana Illiani, Laura Marchegiani e Daniela Tusa

Four daughters, four different ways of speaking, a mother who announces her death through a blunt, almost mocking, leave.

An announcement that marks the transition from a before to an interminable after, from the everyday to an eternal dimension, from the presence to the absence.

A few words that trigger rituals infused with the Jewish symbolism typical of the author world; community rituals that become theatrical performance by means of gestures, actions and impeccable geometrical dances to go through the experience of the loss.

Along a large white table, where the family used to gather, the farewell unravels into ironic and brutal actions, apparently devoid of feeling, where a mathematical chorus declines all the nuances of the separation.

And yet the essence of those who leave remains in the air, in the unforgettable games, in the feelings and in the echo resonating through the breath of those who stay.

Nothing, including the burial, is permanent in Amore Capovolto (“Upside Down Love), and haggling a few more minutes together is possible to reconsider, overturn and shout out open and unsolved wounds.

The before and the after, the possible and the impossible, the good and the evil are not so far apart; out of time and idealisation, the deepest love is always upside down.