The rematch

A Teatrodistinto Production
Patrice Bussy e David Meden
Created and directed by Daniel Gol


Two men, polite and formal in their daily routine, take the field. Here, the desire to win and prevail emerges.

Their need to measure up to the challenge push them to train hard, prove themselves, confront and tease the opponent to feel stronger.

At the kick off, the feeling of having the future in their hands. Commitment and effort, satisfaction and disappointment follow.

It is the time of great occasions, of protagonism, of self-affirmation.

A playful dance swinging between the desire to unload aggressiveness and the natural urge to share, as found in occasional silent pauses during the conflict.

The game is made up of different moments, each player has strengths and weaknesses, just like every human being during the journey he measures with.

The difficulty is to play and win without hurting, prevaricating or offending the other. Because winning and hurting can be so alike.

The performance sums up, synthesizes and laughs at the sport match as a metaphor of human relations, with their rules and surprises.


Show suitable from 5 years old and up.
Duration: 50 minutes without interval.