The crocodile chant

a show written and directed by Daniel Gol
with Jacopo Fracasso and Giuseppe Palasciano

Debut at international festival segni d’infanzia 2017 – Mantova
Festival Luaga & Losna 2018 – Feldkirch- Austria
Puppet Festival 2018 – Gorizia
26th International Theater Festival for Children &Young Adults Hamedan, IRAN

Each one of us possesses his or her own Crocodile.
He is born in deep places of our inner worlds.
We can fear him, hide him, step on it.
Yet, he remains a part of ourselves.
We might as well take courage and give him space, love him and protect him. Only at this moment, the Crocodile chant can be heard, and we can become richer in accepting our whole inner universe.
The Crocodile chant is the story of a young foreigner who breaks into an old woman’s house to steal some bread.
The woman welcomes him, she feeds him and there starts a mother/son relationship.
Through this affective journey, the woman will face her difficulties in accepting parts of the stranger, and the stranger will face his fear of protecting his identity and his struggle in finding his personal voice, his chant.
A show dedicated to children and adults, based on movements, objects and music, to communicate that our cultural diversities, limits and peculiarities are not enemies to fight.
They are actually new aspects to be welcomed, known, loved.

Age: +6
Time: 50 min.
Set up time: 3 hours
Break down time: 2 hours