The black sheep

a Teatrodistinto Production
with Federico Rassu and Giacomo Martini
created and directed by Daniel Gol

There is a black sheep. Is he angry?
He seems lonely.
He seems naughty.
Maybe he is naughty because the others leave him out.
In his solitude, he hides a secret.

A flock of white sheep and its uniformity are represented visually through simple and numerous toys; the set is characterized by a geometrical order.
There appears a black sheep. He acts in his unique way, he lives in his own world, he plays with unusual friends; he moves on the grass like the others, but his attitude is quite different…
As he encounters the others, his struggle for acceptance begins.
In his diversity and solitude, we discover a rich emotional world, which affects the whole flock, and turns uniformity into colorful coexistence.
The Black sheep is the result of a creative project born in 2011 with young students of kindergarten and primary school.

Duration: 45 minutes
Age: + 3