Kish Kush

Traces of an encounter

A Teatrodistinto Production
with Giuseppe Palesciano and Ettore Chiummo.
Created and directed by Daniel Gol

The“KISH-KUSH” project is a small window, facing the universal themes of cultural and linguistic differences, through the game of Theatre.

Kish-Kush is an imaginary, neutral space, containing two split characters: one speaks a gibberish mix of Hebrew and Arabic, the other one speaks Italian (English, or French, or Spanish…), though just few sentences are used during the play.

Through sounds, shadows and few simbolic objects, the two characters confront each other, tearing apart the delicate paper wall.

Story of silences and contact with what’s unknown, Kish- Kush is the four-hand scratch of a creative encounter.

Duration: 50 minutes
Age: + 3 years