Kish Kush

Traces of an encounter

Directed by Daniel Gol
with Giuseppe Palasciano and Andrea Polia / Jacopo Fracasso

Finalist Premio Scenario Infanzia 2008

How many languages exist?
The one who talks differently, is he different?
How strange is the stranger? What does he like? How does he think?
What can I create with him?

The“KISH-KUSH” project is a small window, facing the universal themes of cultural and linguistic differences, through the game of Theatre.

Kish-Kush is an imaginary, neutral space, containing two split characters: one speaks a gibberish mix of Hebrew and Arabic, the other one speaks Italian (English, or French, or Spanish…), though just few sentences are used during the play.
The set is initially divided in two simmetrical triangles by a paper wall. The audience is therefore divided in two parts. One part witnesses only one actor’s actions and point of view.

Through sounds, shadows and few simbolic objects, the two characters confront each other, tearing apart the delicate paper wall.
Sharing a common space, they start playing the difficulties of accepting each other’s presence, discovering each other’s different language and behaviour.
Through conflict, curiosity, exchange, help and play, they create a new, unexpected draw on the common paper floor.
The Kish-Kush (scratch) process takes place as the relationship and confidence become stronger, leading the story to an open, undefined end, which brings out hope for future understanding and acceptance.

Story of silences and contact with what’s unknown, Kish- Kush is the four-hand scratch of a creative encounter.

from 3 years-old