Teatrodistinto came to life in 2003 from the artistic meeting of Daniel Gol and Laura Marchegiani.

Following several and diverse creative experiences over Italy, the United States and France, the Company begins its journey with artistic workshops for both adults, adolescents and children.

From 2006, several plays intended for children and young people are brought on stage in many European countries, as well as in United States, Japan, China, Korea and Iran: Kish Kush, Compagni di Banco (“Classmates”), La Pecora Nera (“The Black Sheep”), Il Gioco del Lupo (“The Wolf Game”), Il Canto del Coccodrillo (“The Crocodile Chant”), La Rivincita (“The Rematch”).

Besides its own plays, Teatrodistinto works also on the direction and creation of specific artistic projects for other resident theatres and for institutional subjects, national as well international.