The Wolf Game

with Daniel Gol/Michele Puleio and Alessandro Nosotti
Text and direction by
Daniel Gol
Laura Marchegiani
Alessandro Nosotti

Winner best show Assitej Festival Giocateatro 2013
Turin - ITALY

Festival 'GIOCATEATRO 2013' - Torino (TO), ITALY
International Festival 'STARKE STUKE 2014' - Francoforte, GERMANY
International Festival 'HELLWACH 2014' - Hamm, GERMANY
International Festival 'LONGLAKE 2014' - Lugano, SWITZERLAND
Focus Teatrodistinto 2014 - Lione, FRANCE
International Festival 'DE BETOVERING 2015' - Den Haag, HOLLAND

An unusual prince.

His butler.

His elegant dining room.

Here begins the wolf game.

How much are we aware of our aggressiveness?
Shall we repress it, hoping it will never explode?
Do we choose to intensify it and project an image of strength?
Who can teach us the right way to express it?

Through the act of playing, we can give shape to our aggressiveness, trying to know it and learn how to express it.

A complex theme that focuses on the thin line between acceptable behaviour and the aggressive side that each human being carries inside.


Age: +4