The black sheep

with Daniel Gol/Michele Puleio and Alessandro Nosotti
Text and direction by
Daniel Gol
Laura Marchegiani
Alessandro Nosotti

Winner 'best stage direction and best subject'
at Internazional Festival 'VALISE' 2013
Lomza - POLAND

Special mention
at Festival 'Giocateatro' 2012

"Gianduja di Pezza" Award
- Best Performance -
Festival Immagini dell’interno 2012
Pinerolo(TO) - ITALY

Festival 'GIOCATEATRO 2012' - Torino (TO), ITALIA
Festival 'IL CANTO DELLE CICALE 2012' - Brescia (BS), ITALY
Festival 'IMMAGINI DELL'INTERNO 2012' - Pinerolo (TO), ITALY
Festival 'SENZA PAROLE 2012' - Monserrato (CA), ITALY
Festival 'PUPI E PINI 2012' - Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD), ITALY
Festival 'FESTEBA' 2012' - Ferrara (FE), ITALY
Festival 'ZONA FRANCA 2012' - Parma (PR), ITALY
International Festival 'VALISE' 2013
International Festival 'LUAGA & LOSNA' 2013 - Feldkirch, AUSTRIA
International Festival 'DREAM' 2013 - Frankfurt Oder, GERMANY
Festival 'SONGI ALL'ARIA APERTA 2013'- Bisuschio (VA), ITALY
Festival 'SEGNI D'INFANZIA 2013' - Mantova (MN)' ITALY
International Festival 'MINI MIDI MAXI' 2013 - Bergen, NORWAY
International Festival 'TITIRIJAI' 2013 - Tolosa, SPAIN
International Festival 'SPLEEN' 2014 - Graz, AUSTRIA
Focus Teatrodistinto 2014 - Lione - FRANCE
International Festival 'PUPPETRY ART POLAND' 2014 - Bielsko-Biala, POLAND
International Festival 'KORKZAK/ASSITEJ WORLD CONGRESS' 2014 - Varsavia, POLAND
International Festival 'FAR NORTH NOORWAY 2014'- Harstad, NORWAY
International Festival 'BIG BREAK 2014' - Mosca, RUSSIA
International Festival 'ZIGUZAJG 2014' - Valletta, MALTA
International Festival 'VAL D'OISE 2014' - Pierrelaye, FRANCE
International Festival 'TEATRALLIA 2015' - Madrid, SPAIN
at Macao Cultural centere 2015' - Macao, CHINA
International Festival 'OKINAWA 2015' - Okinawa, JAPAN
International Festival 'DE BETOVERING 2015' - Den Haag, HOLLAND
International Festival 'KINDER KINDER 2015' - Amburgo, GERMANY
International Festival 'TURBOULENCE 2015' - Namur, BELGIUM
International Festival 'KINDERKULTURFESTIVAL 2016' - Duisburg, GERMANY
International Festival 'ART FESTIVAL OF NORTH NORWAY 2016' - Harstad, NORWAY

There is a black sheep. Is he angry?

He seems lonely.

He seems naughty.

Maybe he is naughty because the others leave him out.

In his solitude, he hides a secret.

A flock of sheeps and its uniformity are represented visually through simple and numerous toys; the set is characterized by a geometrical order.

There we see a black sheep. He moves in his own world, he plays with unusual friends; he lives on the grass, looking for normality.

Yet, he struggles to be accepted the way he is.

In his diversity lies a rich emotional world.

The Black sheep is the result of a creative project born in 2011 with young students of kindergarten and primary school.


Age: +3