with Alessandro Nosotti
Text and direction by
Daniel Gol
Laura Marchegiani
Alessandro Nosotti

International Festival 'VISIONI DI FUTURO, VISIONI DI TEATRO 2016
Bologna (BO) - ITALY
International Festival 'SEGNI D'INFANZIA 2016'
Mantova (MN) - ITALY
Festival 'GIOCATEATRO 2016'
Torino (TO) - ITALY
International Festival 'KINDERKULTURFESTIVAL 2016' - Duisburg, GERMANY

A memory that arises in our mind can find different ways to be expressed. We can choose not to use words. In this case emotions pass through sound, objects, smells, atmospheres.

Two funny and tender characters, probably two grandparents, provoke each other violating each otter spaces. They cross each other's borderlines to obtain what they want and win one over the other. They are witty, cruel, funny, enjoyable. They hide and have fun.

All of a sudden something happens; their distance is shortened. Their borders are erased; a new zone appears, bringing them close one to the other. They unexpectedly find their way homeward.

Irony, enchantment and playfulness meet with simplicity, in a metaphorical dance of human behavior, magically told using unconventional means.

Age: +3