Dream of Growth

with Daniel Gol and Alessandro Nosotti
Text and direction by
Daniel Gol
Laura Marchegiani
Alessandro Nosotti

"Gianduja di Pezza" Award - best innovation shows -
Festival Immagini dell’interno 2008
Pinerolo(TO) - ITALY

Festival Giocateatro 2008
Torino (TO) - ITALIA

Festival Immagini dell’interno 2008
Pinerolo(TO) - ITALY

Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes 2009
Charleville-Mézières - (France)

Festival Reims Scènes d'Europe 2009
Reims - FRANCE

Nobody is a journey especially for children, a metaphor that speaks about fear that we have when we lose someone that we love, a journey-dream through the different ages of life.

A little girl wakes up and looks at herself in a mirror, discovers that she is already old, although in reality she is only a child. She can no longer find the normal references in her life, like school, the family or friends. With the help of her friend the River, she travels against the current trough different periods of her life: she sees herself as a grandmother, mother, adolescent and finally returns to her childhood.

from 5 years-old



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