with Daniel Gol and Alessandro Nosotti
Text and direction by
Daniel Gol
Laura Marchegiani
Alessandro Nosotti

Festival Giocateatro 2010
Torino (TO) - ITALIA
Festival Ré-génération 2011
Festival TIBA 2011
Belgrade - Serbia
Festival Festebŕ 2011
Ferrara - ITALIA
Festival Segni d'Infanzia 2011
Mantova - ITALIA
Festival Sogni all'Aria Aperta 2012
Bisuschio - ITALY

That year autumn arrived slowly.
We disliked each other.
By teasing one another, we transformed our classroom into a garden.

Our fights slowly turned into a friendship.

Our teacher scolded us together.

That year my parents told me:
as soon as winter comes, you have to change school.
We are moving to a different city.

Then, snow fell on our desk.

An adult enters the stage, he observes an old classroom, he wears a dusty pinafore, a pair of glasses. He finds his old desk. A journey through old yet vivid memories begins.
Another adult enters the scene, following the traces of that same memory. He joins the first character.

Together , they retrace the stages of their friendship, through spites, disputes and complicity.
They recall creating wonderful breaks, with Autumn entering through the window, inundating their class with dry leaves.
They recall moments and places, broken rules, and a friendship being born by chance.

CLASSMATES is a sensorial and metaphorical journey through the eternal past of every person/pupil.
Images and music, keywords and evocative objects lead us to a reflection on themes such as school cohabitation, childhood playfulness and unexpected affection.


from 6 years-old



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