Cinderella Doesn't Live Here Anymore

with Daniel Gol and Alessandro Nosotti
Text and direction by
Daniel Gol
Laura Marchegiani
Alessandro Nosotti

Festival Giocateatro 2011 - Torino

The love for Theatre, and metaphorically for Culture, is expressed through the eyes of two ordinary persons, who have the task of cleaning the stage after a performance has ended.

When light are off and the audience is gone, the two characters take care of their theatre, they clean it, they enjoy it, until, unexpectedly, a letter informs them that the place is going to be shut down forever, since it’s too old.

No more emotions to live, no more performances to enjoy.

Yet, the two cleansers are not willing to abandon the many stories than have lived in that theatre, nor they can accept to leave their roles that easily.

They resist, they disobey. They try, through theatrical solutions, to keep the theatre alive.

A delicate metaphor that deals with the courage and the need to preserve such an important aspect of our childhood.

A story made of evocative images, able to remind us of the lightness and preciousness of Art and Imagination in everyone’s growing process.


Age: +6