About Us

Teatrodistinto was founded in 2003 by the encounter of three different creative experiences, where the need of producing and performing theatrical works meets the experience of theatre applied directly in social contests.

Teatrodistinto offers workshops for adults, stressing the importance of the creative instinct of each individual.In the work, body expression and movement are central, whereas text and speech lose their classic function.

Particular attention is given to youth projects: ever since its foundation,Teatrodistinto collaborates annually with Schools, Youth centers, Disabled associations.

Since 2006 we produce shows for young audiences, brought to principal theatres and festivals in Italy.
In 2008 we are awarded for best innovative show at the festival “Images from the inside”, we are finalist of Premio Scenario Infanzia with Kish Kush.

Teatrodistinto produces its works using minimal settings and symbolic plots.